Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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bulls, bullfighting

Here's you have. Famous international stature who are not ashamed to demonstrate or to vote in favor of the bloody and cruel tradition of bullfighting. Shame would have to give!

Adrien Brody, who plays murderer a bullfighter in "Manolete"

Bernard Schuster, a former coach of Real Madrid and another fan so cruel "tradition"

Chayanne singer, with dire supports bullfighting songs.

Ronaldo futblo player. In his day was a beer commercial, shot in a bullring, making mockery of a bull.

Madonna, singer and actress pseudo, once shot a music video with bullfighting theme.

Shakira, singer, and like the blonde ambition, made a video with bullfighters

The singer has chosen the young matador Matias Tejal to illustrate their album Taking Chances. Finance has also designed the replica of the plaza de toros de Mexico in Las Vegas, and during the dates shown on the matador costume, topless and crutch in hand on a giant screen!

have denied the request to the country's anti-bullfighting associations, which had requested the ban by writing under the age of fifteen years to attend bullfights. In test 2 which is enclosed, Sarkozy along with businessman Simon Homes Maestranza de Sevilla.

Sharon Stone, actress. Rolled in Spain in 1989 the film "Blood and Sand" clear theme of bullfighting.

Nicole Kidman, actress.
attended and supported the murderer Cayetano Rivera at a gala.

Alejandro Sanz, try singing. bullfighter dress in any marketing campaign.

Charles. attended and supported the murderer Cayetano Rivera at a gala.

Luis Miguel, singer. amateur declared, a close friend of the murderer Enrique Ponce and his wife's flat encephalogram. There are pictures of him on the farm of the latter torturing a heifer.

Demi Moore, actress. on a trip to Spain during the nineties had dinner with several bullfighters


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