Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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Famous Vegetarians Love

are famous vegetarians.
We look at them, and some have them as role models. We
poser his fame, his mansions, cars, money, and most of us were inspired by them when they dress or take a look or another.
So why not take them too as an example when become vegetarians?

Gabe Saporta (lead singer of Cobra Starship)

Serj Tankian (singer and musician)

Kirsten Bell (actress, Veronica Mars, Heroes, Fanboys, Forgetting ...)

Billy Joe Armstrong (Green Day singer)

Pink (singer and actress)

Maria Valverde (Actress, The Weakness of the Bolshevik, Los Borgia, Melissa P. ....)

Gua Pearce (actor, Memento, The Time Machine, The Count of Monte Cristo ... .)

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia Da Rossi (tv presenter and actress)

Sheddy Ally (actress, The Breakfast Club, Kyle xy ...)

Jared Leto (Psycho American actor, singer, 30 Seconds to Mars)

David Duchovny (actor, Californication, The X-Files ..)

Panatierre Hayden (actress, Heroes .. ..)

Eric Stoltz (actor, The Rules of Attraction, Mascara ...)

Naomi Watts (Actress, King Kong, Mulholland Drive ...)

Omar Epps ( actor, House ....)
Jude Law (actor, The Holidays, artificial intelligence ...)

Forrest Whitaker (actor, The Last King of Scotland ....)

Breyce Dallas Howard (actress, The forest, Terminator Salvation ...)

Tea Leoni (actress, Bad Boys ....)

Sean Astin (actor, The Goonies , trilogy The Lord of the Rings ....)

Lisa Edelstein (Actress, House ...)

Chris Martin (vocals, leader of Coldplay)

Emily Deschanel (actress , Bones ....)

Seth Gabel (actor, Sexy Money ...)


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