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Well, after several publications dedicated to sad and negative, and play something a little more cheerful.
Today I will talk a little about the therapy animals (dogs, horses, dolphins ....) Without going too far, I have a relative, a cousin by only 3 ½ years old who has Asperger syndrome, and currently is receiving therapy with dogs and horses, also, in a very little will also do terpia with sea lions and the next summer, with dolphins.

Some animals are especially therapeutic for their availability in natural environments, and are you going to cite below to be the best known and most used in pet therapy treatments.

  • dolphins as therapy: they convey to us the sounds of alpha waves through their "echolocation", ie through the use of that nature has provided them to capture prey and recognize their environment. In his "sound" out sounds that directly affect our nervous system, we first scanned to see how we, in a "holistic", that is, in our three-dimensional body, mind and in our value system. And if the time is right to start sending waves capable of balancing and making us feel very good, very comfortable.
    Dolphins are sympathetic beings, cheerful and intelligent they are used, especially in therapy with autistic children.
    Autism has good results when treated with therapy animals especially with dolphins
  • horses as therapy: are noble animals, with great dignity, not humble themselves to ask for affection, you have to win them, and their confidence. Its enormous size and power, and the characteristics of personality and idiosyncrasies, makes them especially animals as therapy, to social pathologies and for the physical rehabilitation of the body.
    animals as therapy, are helpful for people with problems, in this case the horse, you cite a case of a young woman whose passion for these animals was immense. One fateful day was involved in a spectacular accident, which resulted in paraplegia. For a long time refused to ride that until then had been his favorite horse, until one day, with the encouragement and support of family reassembled again. Surprisingly
    found that his horse, which could not lead with his legs for his paralysis, allowed himself to be his voice. Interestingly, when someone rode this mare had to direct it in a normal way, ie, legs, and did not voice any circumstances.
    Facts like these hint at the exquisite sensitivity and wisdom of some animals as therapy, as in this case, contribute in a very important problems that people rediscover their zest for life.
  • therapy dogs: may be animals that are most know as therapy.
    dogs and adopt an attitude of great emotional attachment to the human being without making value judgments, and they can be excellent guides. They are playful, affectionate, playful and are with us faithfully throughout his life. Petting a dog or cat lowers blood pressure constant, frequency of breathing and heartbeat. Promotes friendship between the owners and the responsibility of caring for children. In nursing homes, where dogs are introduced there is the fact that these elderly receive fewer doctor visits, but their families.
    Son well known, guide dogs or guide dogs, whose training in our country is responsible for the National Organization for the Blind.
    To make this work dogs need balanced character, and learn easily. Such dogs can not be distracted face any situation, must be able to function comfortably in any place where persons or other animals, no signs of aggression. Among the selected breeds dominate the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever and German Shepherd.
  • therapy Cat: teaches us to be relaxed with a conscience. The cat may be sleeping, but at the same time is becoming aware of everything happening around him. No cat stressed. His purr promotes positive emotions, and small signs of affection are very well received by their respective owners. The cat is one of the animals as therapy, especially recommended for people who are or feel very lonely and can not devote much time to caring for your pet. Studies
    sufficient to say that having a cat is beneficial to health. The friendly contact with the cat reduces stress in their owners, will relax and calm down. It has also verified that people with psychological problems improved by having the company of a cat.
  • farm animals as therapy: these can also be animals as therapy, as they are very afraid, more afraid of him better than us when we are frightened. When you get to reassure a farm animal, it is also reassuring himself. Petting a rabbit, a chicken or a pig can be cathartic, since it is not often leave pet only if they trust you. And that's very good for people timid, withdrawn, with fears, introverted, seeking expansion.
Here I leave a sample of therapy "animals" to attending Adria, my cousin,

And here, other examples of terpias:


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