Saturday, July 18, 2009

John Hopkİns Mba Hakkinda

Adopt a friend, DO NOT BUY! Circus

abuse, abandonment and killing of pets is problem of animal cruelty more visible to society, despite the indifference of the authorities and lack of information about what creates this situation. That is why the young actor Adrian Alonso and AnimaNaturalis have launched an educational campaign under the slogan

Mexico has a serious overpopulation problem dogs and cats in the streets, which derives from three main issues:
  • tenure irresponsible pet: Many families buy or accept animals (as a "gift") without considering the implications of his upbringing and healthy development. An estimated 8 out of 10 dogs sold or given away, abandoned by the people who were under his care. As a society we must understand that a pet is not a toy for children, or an individual without biological and emotional needs. Let us not overlook that they also need food, water, shelter from inclement weather and contact with family members.
  • The tendency to buy a pet instead of adopting it: Because of social prejudice, which adopted an animal considered "worth less" than one which is paid, is that many families prefer to promote pet sales, despite the irresponsibility with which farmers and traders operate. When you opt for adoption, we are saving a life and not foster an organization that functions as "puppy mills" in which dogs are not sold, ending in experimental laboratories or in the streets.
  • The lack of information about the benefits of neutering a pet : Even in the case of a dog or cat "race", one crosses generate thousands of offspring in the medium term and the vast majority of them do not have the luck to live with a responsible family. Most of the time it induces the reproduction of these animals for profit or myths (for example, that the play is not sick with cancer.) However, it is necessary to know that sterilization prevents them from diseases related to their reproductive system and prevents the birth of unwanted puppies, or end up in wrong hands.

Nothing else in the City and the metropolitan area is estimated that more than three million homeless dogs and an incalculable number cats. These animals are exposed to hunger and thirst, inclement weather, accidents and cruelty of people. If you do not die of hunger, illness or being hit, they run the risk of being caught by the "kennels" and die by electrocution or shock.

authorities, instead of implementing mass sterilization campaigns and prohibit the sale of animals, are opting for mass murder are not painless, and so like every month, just in the City, a hundred twenty thousand dogs and an amount up Now countless cats (which are reproduced more quickly) die in the "kennel."

The solution to this problem is education society, to foster a culture of adoption and sterilization for pets, and care and a respectful and loving that they also deserve. Dogs and cats are the only species that need us to survive and enjoy our company. They are loyal, protective and forms of expression are easily interpreted by humans.

If you are interested in having a dog or cat at home, "Adopt a Friend", esterilízalo and care for him.


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