Friday, July 31, 2009

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abandonment! Famous for the sake

July 31, and the holidays start for many.
As every year, will repeat the same story, many animals (not just dogs) will abandoned
infamous people, who prefer to go on holiday without "concerns" rather than take their pets with them.
Today it is very easy to take your best friend with you to enjoy the summer relaxing, so if making a small sacrifice economic, but ... perhaps he also deserves a great vacation or that?
And if you can not take it with you, find someone to take care of it for you, a relative, a pet hotel, a popular ....
But NEVER leave an animal!

Because if you leave, thus ending!

Press play and concienciate!

PS: You can "catch" all the photos you want, as of this writing, as above, and the page in general! The mine, is yours!


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