Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nice Marriage Message

More famous vegetarians (examples to follow)

Here I leave you with more examples Celebrity vegetarians, worthy of being role models.

Daphne Zuniga (actress, Melrose Place)

Ozzy Ousborne (singer)

Leonor Varela (Actress, Blade 2 and ad Martini)

Andy Hurley (drums of Fall Out Boy)

The Veronica's (singers)

Jason Orange (singer)

Drew Barrymore (actress, ET, Donnie Darko, Charlie's Angels, 50 First Dates ...)

Prince (singer)

Alyssa Milano (actress, Charmed)

Alicia Silverstone (actress, Wave Out, Finding Eva ...)
Davey Havok (lead singer of AFI)

Frank Lero (My Chemical Romance guitarist)

The Beatles

Lisa Simpson

Kate Winslet (Actress, The Reader, Revolutionary Roads, Titanic ...)

Annie Lennox (singer)

Carrie Ann Moss (actress, Matrix, Memento ...)

Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons)

Avril Lavigne (singer)

James Cromwell (actor, Babe, Six Feet Under

Jorja Fox (actor, CSI Las Vegas)

Charlize Theron (Actress, Stuck, The Italian Job, Hancock ...)

Anne Hathaway (actress, The Devil Wears Prada , 86 ....)
Anna Paquin (actress, The Piano, True Blood ....)


Joss Stone (singer)


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