Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Dog Is Having Bloody Diaherria

more famous for international Celebrities

Here are declaring most famous fans to see how they kill an innocent animal, will put their names only and are not more reviews, because people so deserve nothing !

Andreu Buenafuente, television presenter

Jose Corbacho, showman and film and TV director

Sanchez Drago, writer and television presenter

Albert Om, television presenter TV3

Ana Obregon, opportunistic vendeexclusivastontas

Angel Casas, television presenter.

David Summers, singer and leader of Hombres G (G of assholes like him)

Iker Casillas, goalkeeper of Real Madrid and the English

Matias Prats, news presenter.

El Gran Wyoming, presenter (pathetic) television.

Javier Sarda, television presenter

Jesus Vazquez, presenter (hell bad) television.

Pedro Almodovar, filmmaker.

Mercedes Mila, television presenter.

Ramoncín, excantante and contributor to television.

Paz Vega, actress (with such a picture, there is nothing more to say ...)

Pedro Ruiz, a journalist and television presenter.

Santiago Segura, actor and film director (both, makes penalty)

Joan Manuel Serrat singer

Joaquin Sabina, singer.

Bertin Osborne, host of television and cantante.Ademas, is fond of hunting.

Carmen Sevilla, exactriz and television presenter.

Recall that in that list, there are 7 Catalans. And they say we want a bullfighting Barcelona, \u200b\u200bCatalonia because we .....


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