Thursday, March 31, 2011

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601 - Draft Argentine Regulations Timber Frame Housing

That's right!
just drafted the "Draft Regulations CIRSOC 601 - Regulation Argentine Wooden Structures" and is in National Public Discussion from the March 15, 2011 and up to March 15 2012, inclusive.

I think this is a very important thing to note, since some time in Argentina the building professionals waiting to have a law in the field.

This Project was developed in allowable stresses (ASD), and it is expected that during the course of the year to develop another version in the Limits (LRFD) accompanied by their corresponding examples.

then transcribe them Methodology for submitting comments, feedback and suggestions
who want to do the same:

The observations, comments and suggestions should Headquarters send CIRSOC INTI-Av Cabildo 65 - Underground Ala Savio (C1426AAA) Buenos Aires, until on March 15, 2012, following the methodology described below:

1. It should clearly identify the proposed regulation is analyzed, as well as the article and paragraph that is observed.
2. The observations should be accompanied by his foundation and an alternative wording to the Drafting Committee for the Project noted clearly understand the spirit of observation.
3. The observations, comments and suggestions should be submitted in writing, signed and clarification of signature, and should be mailed or delivered by hand. Address details are requested, Tel, Fax, e-mail to facilitate communication.
4. Not accept comments sent by fax or e-mail, since these media can not certify the authenticity of the signature of the author of observation.

confident that this project be interested and get involved.


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