Sunday, March 6, 2011

All Kind Simple Machines

That day.

It was that day, that day that changed everything. Why write this now? Evasion can ... between both test and everything, all I want is to sit down and tell someone what happens to me ... but that somebody does not exist, and that is why I turn to you, my few readers.
all started in August, nearly half, when he had finally managed to forget everything, not thinking about nonsense and enjoy ... she appears, the person you've been waiting so long.
was walking on the promenade with a casual bun wearing my new rasta, when the distance I saw with my friends a bookstall, characteristic of metal walls as set only in summer. They all stopped to see books mentioned some, watching others, but then my eyes just stood on someone, the girl that served in office, his dark skin, green eyes, short hair, her perfect body and that smile, that smile that everyone attending, I was completely spellbound, and was at that moment that his eyes stood for a few seconds on mine, I knew I was looking into the eyes, but still could not look away, at the time a customer asked a question, she looked at the client at a time that I look down without really knowing what just happened, did not know if she expected him to say something or just .. had same thing happened to me. My friends
rank disinterested and walked on, I on the way that we had was facing the ground, I could not get out of my head that look so intense, I was going crazy ... one of the previous post I talked about a girl from the beach with me last Easter lie because she was one of my best friends who approached me to wonder what happened to me, while the rest of my friends went home, she and I were alone, I told him everything, she is one of the few people that I have no secrets, she said she wanted to return, we would ask what time would close at night. Would return at that time ... but I can not continue to count, write again soon, but soon, not in two months, try to at least write one post every two weeks. :)


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