Friday, March 18, 2011

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Internet Files - Dropbox

l as USB drives (pen drives) are an essential tool for any of us. Its easy portability, ease of use, and large storage capacity are the major advantages ...

is clear that this medium is great but .... What could be better than taking the information to external media? The answer may be quite simple ... Do not take it!

How can you not take it and have the information?

Today it is possible to have a computer system in the cloud and thus provide services over the Internet.

When we say " the tag" we are simply making a metaphor for the concept, to refer to everything that comes from an Internet service. Become applications, operating systems, or in this case storage.

With this technology there are many companies that give us the possibility of using this piece of cloud as external storage media and can make use of it. In many cases this service is paid for, but we also find some of them, we offer the same service but in a free .


is a file hosting service platform in the cloud, the company operated by Dropbox. The service allows users to store and synchronize files between computers online and and share files and folders with others. There are free and paid versions, each of them with different options.

The free version which I use to share my files on this blog , offers 2 GB of available space.

La manera de funcionar es la siguiente:
Una vez instalada la aplicación en nuestro ordenador, nos aparece una carpeta llamada Dropbox (podemos elegir su ubicación o usar la que viene por defecto). Esta carpeta,  aunque la veamos como una carpeta más, realmente es un espacio en la nube . Por lo que la información no es guardada en nuestro disco duro. Si no en un medio totalmente externo.

Alguna ventajas de usar este sistema de almacenamiento son...

Information will be safeguarded in this space that in this case it is providing Dropbox, which is very useful if your hard disk is damaged.

Another advantage that we have is that if we link this directory from another computer, you'll have access to that information without any problem.

If you do not want to install any software available as a web interface that allows us to perform the same operations with our stored information.

The application is compatible with multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) and devices phones like iphone, ipad ....

even have a file recovery system (a kind of recycle bin) if you have the need to restore a corrupted or deleted file.

If you want to create an account and let them try the following link with an invitation for them to register:

* Dropbox Invitation *

enjoy it!


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