Sunday, April 3, 2011

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CIRSOC 102-2005 - Rules - Reviews - Guide and Application Examples CIRSOC

While the new generation of CIRSOC Regulations - 2005 are still pending approval, its implementation effect seems increasingly imminent. That is why in most universities in the country already are training engineering students in their application.

These regulations were generated under the assumption accompany each body with a corresponding regulatory comment, and examples of practical application that help professionals to understand the scope and criteria for applying the requirements contained therein.

The aim CIRSOC serve as complements in civil engineering courses that are taught at various universities, so that the professional future with a solid training in the subject.

Then I leave the following publications CIRSOC:

CIRSOC 102 - 2005 - Regulation Argentine wind action on the Building

Comments Al Regulation Argentino De wind action on the Construction

Guide to the Use Regulation Argentino Del Wind Action On Building (Includes Examples of Application)


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