Monday, October 4, 2010

Which Is Better La Mer Or Clinique

Launch Digital Studio Magazine Pozzi Azzaro

I just got the following story, I'd like to share with you all!
This proposal of the study "Pozzi Azzaro Engineering" is intended to serve as a bridge between professionals from Argentina and Latin America, through a digital publication to exchange ideas and experiences.
understand that the growth of the country and its people is achieved through multiple factors. But it can never be absent from the momentum generated by the desire to create, expressed both public policy and in the development of individual skills to the production dunks in all areas.
Throughout history we saw the impact they had on society's economic plans tied to the financial sector and without support in production. And how that same philosophy is now affecting developed countries in the global economy.
4zetas (Editorial) is intends to present the work of engineers in all areas, to be aware that any productive project involves human effort (intellectual and financial) that deserve to be known and recognized because they provide value to the work and because ultimately turn to society as a whole, allowing improvements in the lives of its members.
Since early this year Engineering Study Pozzi Azzaro faced growth projects as the implementation of software sales by e-commerce and credit card, thus expanding the market for software users outside Argentina limits, training publications (e-learning) free from their website ( Digital Magazine and now we are presenting and will reach more than 1500 users of the software engineering and our customers as well as Universities, Councils and Schools of Engineering, government and general practitioners in Latin America, Brazil and Spain.
For all this, we invite you to enter and look forward to your cooperation by providing comments and material for this magazine.

The contents of this first issue are:

  • Floods in Buenos Aires - Hydraulic Plan - Arroyo Maldonado
  • Use of Computing Structural Engineering
  • Building Trust in
  • Water and Sanitation - Situation in Argentina
  • missing Engineers

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