Sunday, October 24, 2010

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Videos del Congreso Mundial - Ingeniería 2010 - Argentina

In my attendance at the World Congress and Exhibition "Engineering 2010 - Argentina "I had the opportunity to film some of the conferences that were held, they correspond to the Youth Forum and in particular to Chapter 5: Engineering Education for Sustainable Development (FIDS), which decided to attend chapter. (I remind you that the 6 chapters of the Congress were developed simultaneously in different rooms).

like to share with you these videos, and take this opportunity to invite those who take photos of Congress and / or videos of other conferences, share them with other students unable to attend.

Videos Forum: Youth in Engineering and Business - JIE

Featured speakers:

Carlos Bacher Eng - Executive Vice Techint Engineering and Construction (Argentina)

The role of engineers in the development of activity economic and country.

Chapter 5:
Engineering Education for Sustainable Development - FIDS
coincident with
VIII World Congress on Engineering Education - WCE
and the
VII Argentine Congress on Engineering Education - CAEDI

Neveska Rodriguez Martinez:

Luis Eduardo Perez Farrell, Maria Eva Koutsovitis:

Gustavo Baruch, John Federico, Carlos Aggio, John Pavlicevic

Paul Galotti

N . S. Pflüger, Maria Cristina Cordero, Jose Antonio Rapallini, Samuel Eduardo Lozada
Villena; Miguel A. Stalano, Miguel Angel Staiano

Nestor Blanco, Claudia Minnaard, Marta Comoglio, Mariana Fernández
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