Saturday, October 23, 2010

Range Finding Rifle Scope

Congreso Mundial y Exposición - Ingeniería 2010 - Argentina: Trabajos

I'm back after attending the World Congress and Exhibition " Engineering 2010 - Argentina ", which were developed the following chapters and forums:
  • Women Forum
  • Youth Forum
  • ICT
  • Energy and Climate Change (ECC)
  • Innovation in Primary Production and Agro-Food Industries (IPPI)
  • Great Metropolis and Infrastructure (GMI)
  • Inbgeniero Training for Sustainable Development (EESD)
  • Profecional Engineering Practice ( PPI)
as we know, not everyone has the opportunity to attend an event like this, so I'd like to share the CD that we gave at the congress, which contains all jobs of the different chapters developed. To download only have to click the image below:


Size: 119 MB
Format:. RAR


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