Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ocular Herpes Hour After Touching?

engineering Truths! (Part 1)

More than one will feel identified with the following truths!

* know sleeping with open eyes.

* Coffee and coke are tools, not whims.

* Usually you hear the National Anthem twice in the radio, without leaving your chair.

* You've slept more than 20 hours on a weekend.

* You nodded in the bathroom.

* Your brother (s) believed to be son (a) only (a).

* Not seen in public without dark circles.

* Not seen in public without sunglasses.

* When you receive an invitation, is followed by the question "or you got too much homework?".

* Losing the keys to your house for a week .... and do not realize.

* you wash your teeth and hair in the bathroom of the school.

* You have discovered the benefits of raparte or have short hair.

* hate people who says "I would study engineering ..." and I'll say it lightly, but have no idea of \u200b\u200bthe small difficulties that brings the race (irony), or worse, those who never finished the race and think why are engineers and (¬ ¬).

* For the first time since the onset of puberty leave your contact lenses and wear your bottoms of bottles.

* You are an ace when looking for internet software and / or pages of suppliers or any type of information to work and case design.

* You are writing final papers, the night before the deadline.

* You combine breakfast, lunch and dinner at a big dinner.

* not conceive the holiday as nothing but time to ... exam preparation! O_O.

* You've gotten drunk with your teachers.

* Constantly create excuses to explain to your teachers of the non- career, why did not you do the job.

* Someone once told you "lazy" and wanted to kill him.

* Your nightmares consist of not completing something or not get there in time somewhere.

* You can live without human contact, food or daylight, but if it breaks your computer, or internet ....... TOTAL CHAOS!

* You can use Excel, AutoCAD or any program to perform calculations and / or graphics.

* To your parents are afraid to use words like "you finished?" front of you.

* You get excited if your data were beautiful in the graph.

* Shopping expensive books that probably, at home, only you understand.

* Tired of people telling you "I was going to be an engineer but I do not like math."

* Your natural archrival becomes a professional: Degree in anything ...

* There is no better place to sleep, two chairs together and a backpack as a pillow.

* You have the mark of modernity: a callus on the bottom of the palm of the hand by the constant use of the mouse.

your poor
* A computer that no longer fit more programs or more PDF's.

* s got the ability to sleep in any media whether keyboards, backpacks, your peers, soil, food, etc..

* Thousands of times have you been in a sunrise, but never saw one.

* You stop seeing other human beings for you for months but has only been one day.

* Your dog barks and you do not recognize you because you lived outside your home for a few days or was it weeks?

* Always have the silly idea that your work will eventually be recognized.

* For you there is no difference between DST and normal.

* your new nephew is born and you say "what, my sister was pregnant?".

* Your car is no longer a means of transport and storage becomes your bed, closet ... your faithful companion. ----- jejejeje

* Your house serves as a hotel, just get to bathe and sleep (occasionally). * Your friends

studying otherwise not have the same concept of task that you, always say "Oh because you do before class" or "You can ask for it to someone" or worse "Well do not."

* You hate your parents tell you "I go to sleep!" or "If you're not going to end ... then go to sleep" or even the simple question "Would you be long?" can get to irritate.

* Discover the danger of going behind the wheel after 48 hours without sleep.

And if you wonder why I went to study engineering?
then find some answers: "Because

sleep more is to live less.

"Because I like to calculate everything that has to go.

"Because I can see where you only see space empty.

"Because I deserve it for asshole.

"Because I'm masochistic.

"Because I did not know what to do with my free time.

"Because I did not know where I got.

"Because I was young and inexperienced.

"Because my mom wants me away from home for long.

"For the love of art.

"Because I have fantasies about differential equations.

"Because I'm in the minority.

"Because Red Bull is addictive.

"Because ... because ... why, quéeeeeeeee?? So I ask myself all the time ...

-Once I read that after 72 hours without sleep, you die ... I needed to check.

"Because I did not want to waste 8am every day of my life sleeping.

"Because I love to dine when is dawning.

"Because I want to continue celebrating the day of the student at least 10 more years.

"Because I love the festivities of the uni ... And in this race I can be doing this until

"Because it was a revelation and it seemed wrong to ignore it.

"Because I love to spend hours scratching to 45 degrees.

"Because 8 years will pass and I'm going to keep asking the reason for such madness ...

-ENGINEERING?!, But this is not about laws? ... and I thought I saw a lot of math!

"Because of modern lenses is set for 16 hours and contributes to it.

"Because q a sketch is worth a thousand words.

-I do not want sex. "Because

torn between this or the foreign legion.

"Because I wanted to invent a paranoia that psychologists could not find a solution.

"Because I wanted to give the note and be unique.

"Because the poor can not survive stationery without us.

"Because I love scientific calculators.

"Because I want to learn how to calculate the center of gravity and the axis of rotation of anything falling around me.

"To have stories to tell my grandchildren.

"Because I want to stay blind.

"Because I felt weird, strange, weird and a race to find me paranoid.

"Because I like to go down 2 points for having forgotten about parentheses.

"Because I'm macho.

"Because I thought I was smart ... ha! (Nobody had done this intelligent!)

"Because I wanted to understand Matrix.

"Because God helps those who rises early.

"Because I wanted to become immune to caffeine.

"Because I wanted to understand the meaning of life.

"Because I'm hyper and I need to expend energy.

"Because I love my life.

"Because I lost a bet.

"Because I excite the lateral boundaries.

"Because I dreamed I was a vector.

-he might seek a slow and painful death.

"Because if I got the administration would have to bathe every day. "Because

my mom made me.

"Because I thought the title was going to make money, but I think I'll lose millions in years and years of career.

"Because I like to be kept by my parents until eternity.

"Because it is easier to understand ways to understand because we try to understand them.

and you ... why study engineering?? XD


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