Thursday, April 28, 2011

Philips Hair Clipper India

Es entender, not all think alike, we all have different opinions and even though sometimes it is a turd, it is well !!!!! the world would be a boring place if all thought exactly alike. Each own your own life, and can (thank God): to think, do, say, express, among other millions of things-what you want!! It is obvious that many may not like what others do, say, think, feel, etc., or they may like and others if you're happy with those actions. But that is the point of this whole fucking question: no matter what we have to fuck other people think. Because these comments (although deny a thousand times) in one way or another, more or less, for better or for worse, it affects us. And it has to be, we have to slip what they say. Because for fuck all have a different life if we should all (again) to do, say, feel, think alike. We would all be the same person.
And if anyone is interested in everything I wrote up there, and wants to do the opposite: insulting and all those things, because people think, do, feel, say things we do not like, please do it ! But please do it right, you insult those people who are not aware or try not to be so. Because it is YOUR opinion, what you say and, frankly, nobody cares about (and less insulting to that) what you say !!!!!

Layers this seems contradictory, but that's life: mixed.


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