Monday, June 28, 2010

What Do U Do I Yo Knee Hurt

Cowardice. Talking of silence

feel have been a time without write, but have not been easy times .. Yesterday
could not sleep, had too many things on his mind, and all were spinning like a whirlwind tireless intended to arrange all my life in a moment so that I could finally close my eyes and rest, were three in the morning and was already exhausted from tossing and turning in bed, my head hurt so much to think about what and how to proceed ... until I decided to turn the computer for a series so we can think of anything else ..
turned on the computer and without thinking I went to see the series of famous gay, `` The L Word''had no more than twenty minutes watching when I heard steps toward my room, someone called at my door and opened without waiting for the response, it was my father .. I said .. -CHST! to sleep ..
quietly closed the laptop, and I lay down again, my father closed the door and that's when I noticed that my heart was going out of the chest, it was not fear that he was coming off an intruder, was the concern that someone caught me watching this series, my heart never stopped pounding, but now because of the shock, it was because he had known something of me that did not know what the hell would I do then? was a coward who was afraid someone discovered my true self ... and then I realized that I would die next to my boyfriend, whom I loved dearly, but not in the same way he to me, I saw him as a friend, a brother in which trust, as a part of me that would lose if he discovered the truth .. my friends look at me with envy walk hand in hand with a boy so handsome, so high, so ... perfect, the guy is adorable and handsome, which in turn does not have believed her beauty and behaves like one as humble as any other ... I closed my eyes and thought about the true reality ... I had to start to see things from another perspective, my perspective.


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