Saturday, June 5, 2010

H Pylori Straight Gay

Bracket ..

I'm not talking about anyone, I'm not in love with that someone, just the feeling that something that makes you lose your ass on that girl, and that the value of your life, compared with the value of yours do not have no comparison because it would give anything not to lose ... Here is a break between pieces ...

was sitting on the beach, watching the sea calm, so I went .. I looked to my left and saw .. there was clear and sharp, could see perfectly, but could not define her features, looked at the empty it looked as if seeking the answer to everything that I wondered to myself, was sitting just a foot from me, she acted as if I had not seen for a moment doubted it was real, I saw the profile from his lips, the reflections of his hair, his nose, his eyes .. she watched the sea .. I looked at it .. afraid to blink for fear that my imagination disappear to make me leave this little present .. try to touch it was when I tried playing just his arm with the tip of my index finger and then vanished again left alone at the seaside and with the strongest of certainty that she was alone in this ... and was only the beginning


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