Saturday, June 12, 2010

Strengthen Ankle Ligaments

Call me a coward, but each see most difficult time telling the world that instead of wanting a boy, like fairy tales, like the princes, like the perfect story movies .. I want a girl, someone of the same sex, someone, that according to nature, which the company would not want ... but what is the result? I miss your ass for someone who should not, and NO, I can not tell my friends or my sister or my parents, telling them only people who have not seen in my life, which seem to trust more, because in the end ... if they are my friends if I have them love us I have nothing to lose, and it is do not rely on my friends, would hand in the fire for them, but that's why I do not want to lose, and I'm tired of being told, `` do not understand if not accept you as you are you will not deserve,''looks not know if I deserve it or not, not even if I deserve them to, I just do not want to lose ...

And I speak of silence, my silence, which so upset me that gives me such confidence, but I mean so much suffering, why I do what? for the world I have now, my world, my perfect symphony will not collapse like a house of cards, and so is unrecoverable ..


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