Sunday, November 8, 2009

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Extracted from the blog:

We have recruited a few shops Mataró and Arenys de Munt, all super willing to help, to start a campaign to collect blankets, towels, beds old dog or cat ... all we can collect for those poor animals that have nothing in different protective country. Depending on the amount that we will reach the parts, we will be distributing.
Obviously the first protective
will Zafra, because the idea has arisen from all the things that makes Ana Belén (Lady Churrete) for this protective.

But if there is someone who is somewhat protective and knows what conditions are needed animals and what they may be, we appreciate your help to organize and send packets the most urgent cases.

Hopefully we can pick up lots of blankets! which is most necessary. Many of these animals are living in very cold and wet ... to think that everything that we do not need to we, the ragged sofa blanket full of holes, for them is better than lying in the ground with nothing. .. Thanks to Annabel

(Le Mux) that has made the poster and all the stores that let us be the collection point and all going to let us put a poster in their window.
Stores that have worked in Mataró:
Itta Sonia Boutique
Nautica T Tea Le Mux
In Arenys de Munt:
Queviures Anna Magdalena's Café

late January
have time to bring goodies! Evidently

you living outside of Barcelona, \u200b\u200bjust remember that you can help, taking your things to the shelter who are in your city. I sure appreciate it!


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