Monday, October 19, 2009

What Happens On The Indian Wedding Night

cold is coming, we've noticed all right?
We started to change wardrobe, you make sweaters, jackets, warm clothes ....
And if we have cold, we should consider the poor dogs and cats in kennels and are also protective.
Many pet shops and kennels not only protective, make, over the year, collecting food, blankets and other necessary items to make your life in a cage, a little less bitter and depressing.
What I want to propose is very simple.
I'm not going to start nagging that adopteis, because I've done it a thousand times, but
you to do something that you are not going to cost you much,
but for them, for those animals that have no home, mean much.
What I am asking is that you approach the kennels, protective or pet shops where they collect material and bear stuff.
And will you be thinking, I can take? Here are some
ideas ....


-Pads-Etc, etc, etc ....

Stuff like that. If you have to do cleaning closets and you have to throw some clothes, he is too unwell to donate to people in need, not tireis!
For a person not serve, but for a dog or cat's coat will serve to pacify the cold starts. Simple right?

And also you can bring:

-Some toys (balls, rubber toys ....) are sold in stores "Everything 100"
for you / as it will be a small expense to them will be much
-Food (in BonArea, sell big bags for less than 5 euros, and it can eat one day, at least for 5 euros you will not be a big payout for them will be a daily meal, in Alcampo sell very economical bulk feed in the feed and the Lidl cans are also very cheap ... for any questions, ask me)
-old straps that you still keep at home, if you have dogs, and no longer the utilizais (but also in the "Everything 100" sold straps for 1 or 2 euros)

Help is on your hands. As the captain would say enciam (famous in Catalonia)
"petits Esl Canvis are powerful" ("Small changes are powerful")
With a small thing we do for them will be huge.


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