Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Black Stool After Wine

All with SOS!


You can order the SOS Greyhounds Calendar 2009, which again has been designed by the formidable partner Elke Winkler from Germany, with photos of dogs who have known the joy of a generous family who still speak for Thousands of greyhounds in Spain waiting for help. This year they have made a small calendar that can be hung on a wall and every month, once passed can be started and become a bookmark, making it ideal to treat yourself with a book.

Price: 6 € (plus 1 € for shipping costs, unless If you order more than 3 calendars or join other orders)


Under the theme "Why I Greyhound" with this t go to fashion while you help raise awareness of the issue of greyhound in Spain and how great they are as pets.

1 T: 16 euros (20 euros with shipping)
2 shirts
30 euros (35 euros, with shipping)
3 shirts
45 euros (45 euros with shipping)

Size (straight cut): M - L - XL

You can also find our stands and at the headquarters of Sos Greyhounds c / Angel GuimerĂ  17 in Esplugues de Llobregat.


A book in which details many stories about dogs who are happily living in families, illustrated with stunning photographs with a presentation of excellent quality. The texts are written by the adopters.

The 100% profits from the sale of this book is intended to associations working in the rescue of dogs.

Price: 25 € plus shipping by the number of books, from 5 € per pack

ADHESIVES for your car: € 3.50 (postage inc.)

SOS Put a sticker on your car Greyhounds for ever us more about the problems of the English greyhound. Tell us if you prefer white or black.


and David, Igor adopters are dedicated to the world of the lamps and then be inspired by a book of greyhounds, which could see an ancient border of Mesopotamia, about 3,500 BC, have made an elegant screen for lampshades, in honor of the Greyhounds, with the sale of which offer a hand to SOS Greyhounds.

Price: as models

P easures : bluemooniluminacion@gmail.com - Tel 93 308 25 15

To order products from us united, make a payment or transfer of the total postage to the account Greyhound SOS , putting 'T / lottery / adhesives, contact name and phone number' in the identification of the transfer.

also send an email in which case it also included identification (T / lottery / adhesives, contact name and phone number '), and the message details the direction you send the items.

Many thanks for your help with the greyhounds.


now approaching Christmas, and do not know what to give to your loved ones, give something of SOS Galgos.Sera a double gift, first, for that special person, and the other a great help to those poor dogs waiting for a better life.


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