Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How Do I Turn Off Defender Pro 2010

50 years without giving grilled Three years

Well, that, three years ago I am with the blog. As in the past, do not miss Marilyn ...

Al grain. First and most importantly, you: thanks thanks to all who have come. Friends through Twitter and Google Reader enriquecéis my vision the world. Friends like Francisco 'Peni' Oldani, Javier Castanon 'Javcasta' , Jose Frechin , the Platypus Masked Nacho, Randy del Corro, Jos , Lester Burnham , Francisco Charte , Souto Luis Graña , Ignacio Pure Abad, Juan Luis Chulilla , Dubit , Santi ... and sure I left a lot of people on the road.

This year I posted least much less. Still got 35,000 hits, including one from China (the latter, the poor, has not returned). The fourth part you repeat the visit, and a few, the least you fall in my net and you come bare from time to time. Some even apuntáis you to keep the ewes that come to mind. A very special hug to each and every one of the subscribers , on today's 97 per mail, 89 via Twitter , 65 through RSS feed and 59 my items Google shares Reader . half are coming from all over Spain, the other half ... the other half is even more amazing. This year have come from 99 different countries, all sites wonderful.

Most of them do riding Firefox (42%) or Explorer (38%), then there is a 14% Chrome and 2% of Safari. Then there are things I do not understand. There's like about 20 people from visits Play Stations , half a dozen Blackberries, one that came in Netscape and another appeared in a thing called Nutscrape . Well found everyone.

already finished, and I quote part of a post I wrote in July 2008, and that I'm signing today word for word:
The truth is I'm happy with the blog. It forces me to keep up, read and study and above all is allowing me to meet a lot of people worried and super.
As always, thank you very much come.
A hug to everyone.


always, thanks for coming . Take a tour and if you liked the blog you can sign via email or via RSS feed ( more information about the RSS). You can also follow through my shared items from Google Reader and from Twitter.


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