Friday, December 24, 2010

Grape Seed Oil In Portland

Some links on various topics

When I get a post like this, where someone decides to share lists of interesting links from the Internet, runs away in terror ( like a bat out of hell :-). I do not expect less of you. To all, Merry Christmas. Clicking on the image of the geek-tree Christmas Donkey Kong will send you directly to the best website.

The fact is that due to time constraints do not comment on the blog or one hundredth of interesting articles I come from very different media. Many of these links end up buried in the Twitter or my Google Reader shared items , and when I get to look lost miserably time.

Well, that, although I do not have any interest, here are:

Biographies - Programming - Various Readings
Labor Issues - Computer Security (and other)
processing and visualization of information
several Tools - Music & Sound - Writing
What I'm reading

As always, your suggestions and comments are welcome.


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