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Ejemplos de Diseño Sísmico de Edificios de Hormigón Armado según el INPRES-CIRSOC 103-2005

The new generation of Argentine projects of safety regulations for civil works (CIRSOC), was conceived on the premise accompany each regulatory body with commentary, and examples of practical application that will help professionals to understand the scope and criteria for applying the requirements contained therein. Proof of this are the Examples Project Implementation Regulations CIRSOC Steel Structures 301 - 2005 I posted earlier in this blog.

Now we bring you two publications by the CIRSOC INPRES and together, they are part of this premise and are geared primarily to professional users of the new Draft Regulations Argentino for Earthquake Resistant Reinforced Concrete Buildings, CIRSOC INPRES-103, Part II . Additionally, it is also CIRSOC claim of serving as a supplement to engineering courses civil dictated at the different faculties, so that the professional future with a solid training in the subject.

The examples presented, according to the same CIRSOC, " not only intended to be an enumeration of the steps in the seismic design of reinforced concrete structure, but more However, a comprehensive guide for interpreting the contents of the full regulatory requirements, with the understanding that this is the only way of conceiving and designing earthquake-resistant structure that meet expected performance requirements " .

To do this, it has been deemed specific and detailed examples of actual cases , which usually occur in practice professional structural engineer, rather than present examples that help to understand partial aspects, but away from everyday reality. Includes also some comments on the basis of prescriptions, and indicates each article of the draft regulations underpinning each of the steps the design process.

Seismic Design Example of a building structure with reinforced concrete porches

Seismic Design Example of a building structure with partitions in Reinforced Concrete Cantilever


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