Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Wife Talks About Going To A Mandingo Party

A piece among many .. LIOS

I decided to self-diagnose a therapy to find out for sure, I've been thinking and not whether it will work, but anyway .. I lose nothing by trying. The therapy consists in telling one at each mess that I had with each girl.
The first girl I lie (tiing, peaks girls had already given lots) was at a party at a friend's house, we went to pee into the garden, we were a few people and we were laughing and fooling all all ... then C and I split the group for her to do your needs, we put in a hidden room in the garden it goes without saying that we had a huge fart, then leaned against the wall while she finished at the end got up and came close to me .. sly whispering voice said,
-.... know what will happen now is not? ..
told me with a smile - no idea .. the q?
she moved closer to me and said we're going to ..-
liar and .. presto! happened ... Then we ate the mouth ..
one of many problems is q. ... is the girlfriend of my best friend, she is so Trankil, but the manna following my first thought when I opened my eyes was .... SHIT ... I came flase sudden everything I had pasado.. y cada uno era una pequeña punzada en el corazón, pero a la vez era como una chispa que se encendia en mi interior con cada punzada, e iba en aumento cada vez.. desde ese momento cada vez que nos miramos una de las dos sonrie y retira la mirada, y a la mente de las dos vuelven todos los flashes de esa noche..
ah.. y una última cosa... no fueron ni una ni dos, fueron tres veces en una noche, pero yo os cuento la primera y más emocionante!


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