Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kate Playground Hardcore?

.. Second piece

Before I have to say this .. not like a piece either, I differ from others only by the tenderness and passion we both there and at that moment .. was no fluke, but neither was thought, just the two we knew deep in our unconscious, I will not go straight to the point, because for that you concentrate all of you reading as you need at least a few lines .. .
She is, I believe, the only person I talk openly about homosexuality in this story we will call E.
was apparently an Easter (this year) like any other, but she and I knew deep down what would happen, but some of us do not even suspected ..
We were both quietly in a seaside town where we met year after year without rest, is an ancient tradition, never either failed, and I doubt if it fails .. but with little difference that as his parents returned to Seville two days and then return, which we both seemed a distinct lack of time together unnecessary, so I invited her to stay home, we had a great day on the beach , a bar called the Shore, perfect, when night came and we got ready for a drink ... a drink became in a shot .. a shot became four shots .. and so spent the night, when we got to the village my mother sent him a message saying that we delayed fifteen minutes, and instead of getting into my apartment to sleep we got into theirs to eat something to see if we stopped seeing double She warmed up a bag of microwave popcorn ... that ended very badly burned and returned to my house without eating anything, but without hunger ..
We put on pajamas (if dwarf panties and a shirt that came through the navel), and we got into bed .. a sofa in the living room, they were my sister started stroking my leg with the foot and a mischievous smile was drawn on my face .. my sister went and there we were with her, she began to stroke while I honestly do not know what to do ... I smelled me and whispered in my ear ... Let yourself go ..''`` and I did, sat on my belly, stroked my face with his hands and then kissed me ... it was magical .. liam us for about 10 to 15 minutes ..... since then we never looked like


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