Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cost Of 5% Permethrin


Since 1992, ISAR (International Society for Animal Right) celebrates the International Day for the Homeless Animal. Reserved for the third Saturday of August at the annual commemoration. Its purpose is to promote new campaigns, programs and ideas for the solution to the overpopulation of pets on the street. Organizations (Large and small) from around world gather the third Saturday in August to raise awareness on this issue.

On the International Day of homeless animals, often include activities such as Adoption Days, Days of Veterinary Medicine, Blessing of Animals, VSB Talks, Seminars and Exhibition, Collecting Charities, Special Programs in Radio and Television and the traditional VIGIL, among many others.

activity concentration for stray animals in the world in one day, represents a great opportunity to draw media attention and governmental entities to meet the problem more seriously.

Adopts Care, Spay

The pet overpopulation and neglect are the main cause of overcrowding of the shelters and the misery of thousands of dogs and cats a year. But we can handle, with three simple steps: take, care, neutering.


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