Sunday, February 13, 2011

Warts On The Eyelid Images

Deolinda - What to eu sou parva ...

I am of the generation without-pay
and not bother me
this condition ... What I'm silly ...

Why is this bad and will continue
already lucky that I could intern
That Silly me I am ....

and I think the world so that

silly to be a slave
where I need to study ... I

generation house-of-parents
If you already have everything, what to ask for more?
What I'm silly ...

Children, husband, I always defer
and I still wanted the car to pay
What I'm silly ...

and I think that

world where so silly to be a slave is
need to study ...

I'm going to complain about the generation-to-me-what?
there anyone worse than me on TV
How silly I am ... I am

generation I-I-don't-have-more-what-this-situation-d

ura-no-time-more !
e eu não sou parva!

and traffic world think that uncle parvo

onde for
escravos necessary to study ...

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